Texas Carne Guisada

Last week, I made a very delicious stew with skirt steak, canned tomatoes and dumplings.  Here is where I got the following recipes:

South Texas Carne Guisada 

Trinidadian Style Dumplings 

A few days before I made the Carne Guisada, I wanted to make sure my skirt steak was extra tender.  When I was looking throughout the internet for marinating ideas, I found this link.

Here were the ingredients I used:  1) 1 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice 2) soy sauce to taste  3) Frontera Grill Habanero Salsa

I read that the citrus helped tenderize the meat more quickly and I just like soy sauce.  I also had quite a bit of salsa sitting in my fridge, so I thought it would marry well with the flavors of soy sauce and orange juice.  Here are the pictures of the steps.

#1 – I had a ton of oranges left at home.


2. I just cut the oranges in half and put some muscle into my rarely used citrus juicer.


3. I mixed the juice with salsa and soy sauce to taste.


4. I  cut the skirt steak into cubed pieces and I let it marinate in the fridge for a couple of days.  It probably would have been fine to start cooking it after a few hours, but I didn’t get around to cooking it until a couple of days later.

Now here is a picture of the Texas Carne Guisada I made with the dumplings.


I added the dumplings into the simmering stew when there was about 10 minutes left.

After cooking…….Clean up …….

I love cooking and baking more than eating out, even though I am single and I mainly feed myself and occasionally my roommate/brother.  However, cleaning up – especially after handling raw meat can be quite a bear.  After learning that Lysol contains carcinogenic toxins, I decided to use a non-toxic, pleasant smelling, equally as effective product called Melaleuca Sol-u-Guard.  It has made cleaning up a lot more pleasant!

Melaleuca Sol-U-Guard is not sold in stores or by independent distributors, but I can show you where I get it and how I am able to save money and time! Have a wonderful Monday and I look forward to posting soon!


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