The Tale of The Double Exercise Class Day

One day, there was a very ambitious woman who decided to workout.  She couldn’t decide between Bikram yoga and Kettlebell training class, so she decided to go to both!  However, she knew that she had to eat after each class.  After her kettlebell class, she couldn’t stomach the thought of eating another meal, but she had to have something to recover.  So she reached out for her Melaleuca GC Control Creme Brulee and Melaleuca ProFlex Vanilla Protein Powder.  She put a scoop of each into a cup and mixed with with some cold skim milk in a Magic Bullet blender.  It was so good, she finished the whole thing and got her protein in.

The Shake Ingredients

1 scoop of Melaleuca GC Control Creme Brulee and 1 scoop of  Melaleuca ProFlex Vanilla Protein Powder with 1 cup cold skim milk.  GC Control is a shake mix you can drink to help regulate your blood glucose level so you won’t be ravenous by the time you have your next meal.  ProFlex protein powder is good for building muscle and for recovery after strength training   The shake tastes as good as a vanilla shake from McDonald’s.



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