Saving $2.00 – a cup of coffee at a time

I am listening to a webinar given by a fantastic business mentor based in North Carolina.  Her name is Clare Luffman and she has really helped me and encouraged me to work consistently towards my goals.  While I am listening to her wonderful advice, I am craving a cup of coffee from Starbucks.  I could easily jump into my car to grab a cup, but why should I spend that extra $2.00 and go out into the cold if I have delicious coffee beans and a wonderful French press at home?




For those who are wondering “What is that pink drink she has in the background?”, that is Melaleuca Sustain Sport Ruby Red Grapefruit!  This stuff tastes great and helps me stay hydrated.  If you like carbonation, it would probably taste great with your favorite sparkling water! It has two times as many electrolytes as Gatorade and is healthier to drink than Gatorade and other mainstream sports drinks.




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