An economical and toxin free solution for washing smelly yoga mats

For those who have been practicing Bikram yoga, you know that you can’t just leave class and go about your business without taking a shower and changing your clothes.  It is imperative that you take a shower and do laundry regularly because your yoga clothes and  towel or mat/towel combination will be sweaty and very foul smelling due to the detoxification process.  I use a Breathe mat when I attend yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Burr Ridge and I love my mat because it is like a combination between a towel and a mat.  I can just throw it in the wash.

However, the down side is that the mat carries some stinky swamp scents after each class.  Even The Meowmixers run away when I take out my Breathe mat! Here is my reaction:




I am fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer in my home.  When I lived in the city, I had to use the communal laundry room downstairs and pay to use each machine.  So, having an in unit washer and dryer has its perks for someone who practices Bikram yoga regularly!

Since I became a customer with Melaleuca, I switched to their MelaPower Mountain Fresh Detergent and to remove the stench, I add in a half of a cap full of Melaleuca Sol-u-Mel (By the way, this nifty solution is non-toxic and has over 100 uses!)



I love MelaPower because it is super concentrated and a little goes a much longer way – hence the savings!  When I had Tide, I had to use more.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!




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