Feeling a little under the weather today

Hi all!  Today was a normal day, even though my throat has been a little scratchy since last night.  I noticed a lot of sinus drainage later this morning and I was unusually tired.  After experiencing some chills, I took some of Melaleuca’s Activate-C, which is a Vitamin C drink mix containing zinc that helps you with boosting your immune system.  It’s not a miracle cure, but I feel better knowing that I have it at my finger tips when I don’t feel so hot.  I also ordered Counteract AM and Counteract PM cold medicines last month, even though I rarely get sick.  I doubt I will use it today, but it is very nice to have it at home!

Because my health comes first, I am going to lay low and take it easy for the weekend, so I hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!  One tip I have for our frugal Valentine’s Day lovers is to wait until the day after to stock up on cards, party supplies and candy so that you will save money and be prepared for next year’s Valentine’s Day!  I plan to take advantage of the post Valentine’s sales on Saturday afternoon.  If I find anything good, I will post it.

For now, I am signing off!


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