About Sparktastic Sensation

Hello.  My name is Emily Kiang (nickname: Emily Frugalsworth).    I am a single 30-something year old woman living in the suburbs of Chicago.  I love to cook, practice Bikram Yoga,  play with my cats, collectively named The Meowmixers and taste inexpensive wine.  My passions are home economics, sustainability and health from the inside out.  I hope that you will benefit from my journey as a domestic enginerd and be inspired to keep a fun, cozy, green and clean home!

A Question You Might Ask

So some of you are wondering, why is a single person so interested in home economics?  Isn’t it more important to get out of the house and have fun?  Isn’t homemaking for somebody who is married and has children?

My answer

The home is where the heart is.  I like to make my home a place of refuge for myself and those who live with me or visit me.  When I return home to a clean and quiet home with a meal in the fridge waiting for me after a long day, I get a lot of satisfaction.  When I menu plan, I find it more gratifying than eating take out for the fourth night in a row.   Homemaking doesn’t mean not having a job outside of the home and it certainly doesn’t become a job that is only available as soon as you move in with a long term romantic partner.

Looking for a way to save money, time and remove the toxins from your home and body?

I am an Independent Marketing Executive II for a green manufacturing and pharmaceutical company called Melaleuca: The Wellness Company. I decided to become a business builder with Melaleuca because I want to share how how wonderful it has been to be a Melaleuca customer with others.  Shopping at Melaleuca has also helped me have more peace in my life because I don’t have to spend time weaving around store aisles and dealing with humans.  In fact, I usually just go to Target and Walmart for paper products!  Melaleuca is unique because provide products that you can purchase straight from the manufacturer!  There are no distributors, so you will not be able to purchase any products through me.

If you are a resident of the United States, Mexico or Canada and want to explore Melaleuca, you can grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a cyber window shopping session with me from the comfort of your own home.  My role is to help you make the most out of your experience as a fellow customer. I simply want you to hear about how you can simplify your life while saving money and enjoying unique, safe, effective products in your home!  I also dislike being the recipient of confrontational, hard selling, so I will only help you make the switch to a safer and healthier home if you want to.

Please contact me at sparktasticsensation@gmail.com or 312-505-7206 for a 10-15 minute conversation to get to know each other better and to see where Melaleuca can enhance your life before you decide to proceed with joining me for a free 45 minute overview!



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