Melaleuca Cleaning Products Are Gentle on Your Hands!

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to see my own Facebook movie? I just don’t care about it.

Anyways – I had a ton of dishes to wash last night and a lot of cleaning to do. I used Tough and Tender to clean and it was easy on my sinuses and bare hands because it doesn’t have the crazy chemicals and toxins that 409 or Lysol has! Here are my hands AFTER cleaning many times with Melaleuca products!


I have a major deadline and a couple of intense days, so I am off for the week.  I will be back on Monday with another installment of The Saga of The Stinky Fridge: The Sequel!



Saga of The Stinky Fridge Part 1

I will have to be very honest with you and tell you that I am not sure about the number of installments there will be in The Saga of The Stinky Fridge.  (This IS a bachelorette pad) I hope that if you fridge neglect tendencies like me, you will be inspired and encouraged by my stories.  Here is a sampling of what’s been lurking around:


Action Plan to attack the Invaders of Stink:

1) Wipe out the nastiness and breathe with my mouth as much as I can while listening to some happy music.  I will listen to The Black Keys  (Brothers CD if you care) on Spotify.

2) Soak it with fully concentrated amounts of Sol-U-Guard and Baking Soda for around 10-15 minutes. The stuff is incredibly concentrated and usually used to dilute with water.

Here is what it looks like while it is soaking:


3) Examine and throw away anything that looks suspicious while waiting. (Note: There was a LOT of nasty stuff I found in the fridge and I will spare you from the grotesque photos)

4) Rinse the dishes out and load the dishwasher and pop in a pod of Melaleuca Diamond Brite Automatic Dishwasher Detergent.

De-stink-ification Part I

Here is a picture of the fridge AFTER getting rid of the smelly and spoiled contents:


Here is a picture of some of the clean, safely disinfected dishes!



In Stinky Fridge Saga Part II, The Sequel – I will be cleaning my fridge from the inside out next week!  Have a great week and see you tomorrow!

In the mood for stew!

I made a wonderful Colombian stew called Sancocho. I decided to make it after watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Dominican Republic episode:

After watching the show, I was on a mission to make sancocho, but the recipe I found happened to be Colombian.  Now, I am going to post the link to the recipe, but I made a lot of substitutions based on economics, season and availability:

Recipe: Colombian Sancocho

Sit tight because I made a ton of substitutions, deletions and additions:

Tomatoes – I forgot to buy them, so I just poured in leftover salsa

Cassava – I substituted it with jewel yams.

Cilantro – I didn’t want to buy any, so I just added Goya Sazon and Oregano for flavor


Kale – I just wanted to add something green

Leftover dumpling dough from the Trini dumplings – I didn’t want the leftover dough to go to waste


Corn – I didn’t want to buy any canned or frozen corn because I just wanted to save a some money and use whatever I had left in my fridge.

Here is the picture!



I have eaten most of it, as my roommate isn’t interested in eating any of it.  I have already run out of chicken!  Eeek!

To clean up afterwards, I used Melaleuca Tough and Tender all purpose cleaner and Melaleuca Sol-u-guard to sanitize the area.  Dishwashing was more pleasant because it smelled like Apple Jolly Ranchers when I used Melaleuca Lemon Brite Apple Scented hand dishwashing liquid!  After all of that cleaning up, I used Melaleuca Renew lotion to make sure that my hands don’t get too dry!  It is always nice to have products I like that aren’t harsh on my skin so it makes cleaning a little bit more tolerable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some dishes to wash.


Texas Carne Guisada

Last week, I made a very delicious stew with skirt steak, canned tomatoes and dumplings.  Here is where I got the following recipes:

South Texas Carne Guisada 

Trinidadian Style Dumplings 

A few days before I made the Carne Guisada, I wanted to make sure my skirt steak was extra tender.  When I was looking throughout the internet for marinating ideas, I found this link.

Here were the ingredients I used:  1) 1 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice 2) soy sauce to taste  3) Frontera Grill Habanero Salsa

I read that the citrus helped tenderize the meat more quickly and I just like soy sauce.  I also had quite a bit of salsa sitting in my fridge, so I thought it would marry well with the flavors of soy sauce and orange juice.  Here are the pictures of the steps.

#1 – I had a ton of oranges left at home.


2. I just cut the oranges in half and put some muscle into my rarely used citrus juicer.


3. I mixed the juice with salsa and soy sauce to taste.


4. I  cut the skirt steak into cubed pieces and I let it marinate in the fridge for a couple of days.  It probably would have been fine to start cooking it after a few hours, but I didn’t get around to cooking it until a couple of days later.

Now here is a picture of the Texas Carne Guisada I made with the dumplings.


I added the dumplings into the simmering stew when there was about 10 minutes left.

After cooking…….Clean up …….

I love cooking and baking more than eating out, even though I am single and I mainly feed myself and occasionally my roommate/brother.  However, cleaning up – especially after handling raw meat can be quite a bear.  After learning that Lysol contains carcinogenic toxins, I decided to use a non-toxic, pleasant smelling, equally as effective product called Melaleuca Sol-u-Guard.  It has made cleaning up a lot more pleasant!

Melaleuca Sol-U-Guard is not sold in stores or by independent distributors, but I can show you where I get it and how I am able to save money and time! Have a wonderful Monday and I look forward to posting soon!