Stinky Fridge Saga: The PreQuel

My refrigerator has been incredibly smelly due to neglect.  Pure neglect.  To show you how stinky it is, here is a picture of my reaction after opening and closing my fridge:


I posted this question on two Facebook group sites for my  national and local Melaleuca/Work at Home United Team:

Hi Team – My refrigerator is so stinky. Other than using common sense and throwing away the smelly culprits – what cleaning solutions do you recommend? I have Mela magic, Sol u mel, Sol u guard, Tub n Tile and Tough and Tender. I plan to blog about it and will update you with the link.

I received three responses from three wonderful business partners.  Stinky Fridge Saga: Part One will feature next Thursday!

Here is a picture of the Stinky Fridge.  You are lucky that you can’t smell it.  It doesn’t look too bad, but there is some ancient mysterious food that even my cats would run away from:



Making my fridge cleaning endeavor public is a good way to force accountability on me.  Have a great rest of the day and peace be with you!