Disclaimers & Boundaries

To protect all: All comments will be monitored and read before posting for public view. I reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate and block users who make inappropriate comments. If there is something another user says that makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please email me at sparktasticsensation@gmail.com.  

Personal correspondence: I will try to respond to each email or phone call within two business days

A decision to partner as Melaleuca business partner and customers: A prospective customer and I must speak with each other via phone or video chat and watch a free 45 minute overview before I help the customer open an account.  

I do not “hard sell”, which means use aggressive attempts such as frequent phone calls and emails to get people to participate in an overview or make the switch to Melaleuca because I respect the consumer’s decision and I value one’s peace of mind and happiness.  I also value my relationship with others before my business.  I simply take “no” for an answer and move on. 





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